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The MaxiClimber is sold as giving you a ‘calorie-blasting, body sculpting workout’. In other words, it gives you both a cardiovascular and muscle building workout, all in one go. When I was training for a trekking trip to Nepal a couple of years ago, this is exactly what I needed. My cardio fitness wasn’t up to scratch, whilst my leg and upper body strength left much to be desired. Improving these things is key to full-body fitness, even if you’re just looking to work on your physique. We’ve put together this Maxi Climber review, to help you decide whether it’s right for you. Judging by its success, the answer is likely to be a yes, but let’s take a further look.

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Why Should I Buy a Vertical Climber?

If you’ve already heard of the MaxiClimber, then you probably know that it’s often considered as the original vertical climber. The idea is that it emulates the motion of climbing, providing a similar set of benefits. Using a vertical climber works your whole body, as your arms and legs are constantly moving against resistance. Whilst this is great for muscle toning and building strength, it also provides you with intense aerobic exercise. This combination results in an exhausting workout, which burns calories at a high rate.

Woman climbing

Home gyms, and homes in general, can often be short on space. In addition, gym equipment isn’t always cheap. So when I see a single piece of equipment, that provides you with so many different benefits, it always catches my attention. If you enjoy workouts like swimming, rowing and boxing, which engage all parts of your body, then a Maxi Climber is probably for you. Equally, if you want to improve your cardio, whilst also building up strength, the Maxi Climber is a great alternative to things like running and cycling.

Vertical climbers aren’t for everyone, however. If you prefer a purely cardio workout, then you may want to look at something else. There are lots of compact, and good value options available, like folding exercise bikes and manual treadmills. Likewise, if you just want to get stronger and bulk up, then a new barbell or power tower might be a more sensible investment.

If you think a MaxiClimber sounds like your thing, there are a few things to consider first. Most importantly, make sure it matches up with your current training goals. There are only so many pieces of equipment you can fit in to a home gym, so every addition must count. Secondly, check the dimensions of your home gym space, particularly the height. You don’t want to be punching a hole through the ceiling during your first session!

Maxi Climber Review & Overview

The MaxiClimber is probably the most popular choice for people buying a vertical climber. Its features have remained largely the same since release, and the MaxiClimber in 2021 is no different. There are a few different versions out there, but here we will be focusing on the MaxiClimber Classic.

The MaxiClimber claims to tone muscles from head to toe, and burn bucket loads of calories. It can certainly help you if you’re looking to improve your all-round fitness, especially if combined with the right diet and nutrition. The companion app also comes with workout routines and a challenge program, to help keep you on track.


  • Easy to use and setup
  • Burns high level of calories
  • Provides full body muscle toning
  • Better value than other home gym equipment
  • Fitness app and routines included
  • Compact and foldable


  • Resistance is not adjustable
  • Foot pedals could be more comfortable

Maxi Climber Features & Benefits

Let’s take a deeper look at the features of the MaxiClimber, and what benefits they can give you.

Adjustable Height

Everyone is a different shape and size, so this is a must for a piece of equipment like this. The height can be adjusted to suit users up to a height of 6ft 2in, which is a good enough range for most. If you’re above this height, however, you may find that you don’t get a full range of motion, so consider looking at other options.

Digital Display

The central section of the MaxiClimber includes a battery operated digital display. This allows you to track your number of steps and calories burned within a single session. It would be nice if a few other key stats were included, like time, but this isn’t a huge drawback. It’s a very simple no-frills system, but it gives you the basics nonetheless. 

Fitness tracker

Ergonomic Design

The handles feature isometric non-stick grips, providing added comfort during a long workout. This will save your hands from blisters and avoid slipping when sweaty. Another key aspect of a vertical climber is the pedals. Some users have complained that the pedals are not particularly comfortable, due to them being too small. This is slightly disappointing as it is something that could easily be fixed. On the other hand, this comes down to personal preference, so many of you won’t find this an issue. All in all, the design is aesthetically pleasing and provides all the functionality you need.


The MaxiClimber Classic has a weight capacity of up to 240lbs, so you can feel safe it won’t buckle underneath you. The frame is constructed of durable cold-rolled steel, whilst still being lightweight enough to move around. No complaints here.

Fitness Benefits

When it comes to vertical climbers, the high calorie burn rate is often cited as one of the main benefits. This makes it a very time efficient work out, whether calorie counting is your thing of not. As already mentioned, increased cardiovascular health is another great benefit, along with full-body muscle toning. One thing to note, is that the resistance on the MaxiClimber is provided by your bodyweight. This means that it is non-adjustable, but there is still more than enough to challenge yourself. The movement itself is also low impact, causing less stress on your joints. This is ideal if you’re somebody that gets joint pain after running and other sports. A vertical climber could help to ease this, whilst still providing all of the other physical benefits.

Woman Gym Back Muscles

Compact and Foldable

Being able to easily store equipment away, in a corner or cupboard, is a big bonus. The design of the Maxi Climber frame means that it is foldable, and therefore takes up very little space when not in use. Even when fully open, the footprint is still very small, so it will easily fit in most homes or garage gyms.

Fitness App

Buying a piece of equipment is one thing, but staying motivated enough to use it is another. The MaxiClimber Companion Fitness app takes steps to help with this. There are High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routines and a 21-day challenge program. There is even a meal plan with 80+ recipes included. Whilst this isn’t a feature that will make or break your decision, it’s a nice added bonus if you decide to opt for the Maxi Climber.

Assembly and Setup

Let’s be honest, assembling gym equipment isn’t exactly a fun-filled activity. You’ll be pleased to know that in the case of the Maxi Climber, it comes 90% pre-assembled. Many users have commented on how quick and easy it was to set up, meaning you’ll be ready to climb in no time.

Are There Alternative Vertical Climbers?

If you’ve decided to purchase a vertical climber, then the MaxiClimber isn’t your only option. There are a few alternatives out there that you might want to consider.

CITYBIRDS Vertical Climber

In a similar price range, this vertical climber has an increased weight capacity of 300lbs. The LCD display shows some added statistics, like time, distance and speed. When researching different reviews, we found that the comfort of the pedals is something that many users were happy with (unlike the MaxiClimber). One complaint, however, is that the motion is not very smooth, so it can feel it a bit clumsy. Otherwise, this is a solid contender worth looking at.


  • Higher weight capacity of 300lbs
  • LCD monitor includes time, speed and distance
  • More comfortable pedals
  • Not as smooth as the Maxi Climber


This climber from RELIFE is of a very similar design to the Maxi Climber. The weight capacity is a little higher, at 240lbs, and the price means it could be considered slightly better value. The pedals are attached to guided tube rails, which some users have claimed to give added stability on the pedals. Overall, however, the construction is of a lower quality, and its durability has been criticized. If you particularly dislike the pedals on the Maxi Climber, this might be for you.


  • Higher weight capacity of 240lbs
  • Guided tube rails add stability
  • Slightly better value
  • Lower quality construction and durability

Conquer Vertical Climber

Simply put, this is the choice for you if you are on a budget. This is a basic version of the MaxiClimber, with no real differences in features. However, the construction means it can feel fragile and is likely to suffer in terms of durability. On the other hand, it’s at the lower end of the price range, and may still do the job if you are a beginner planning on lighter use.


  • Lower end of price range
  • Excellent value
  • Fragile construction
  • Only suitable for lighter use


The vertical climber is ideal for getting a full-body workout. Regular use will increase your aerobic fitness, burn calories and strengthen muscles. No matter your fitness goals, it’s likely that one of these will help you get there. Of all the vertical climbers available, there’s one clear winner. That’s the MaxiClimber. Great value, high quality construction and compact design are just some of the reasons it comes out on top. If you’ve decided that a vertical climber is for you, look no further.

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