My name’s Max and I’m the person behind Join Your Gym. I’ve always believed that being fit and healthy is key to living a happy life, and I love the freedom of being able to do this from my own home.

Why I Started This Site

Getting gym membership can be expensive and involve travelling in rush hour and waiting around for equipment to be free. These things prompted me to start exercising from home (bedroom, garage, garden, etc!). This obviously involved purchasing new equipment and creating a workout routine to suit my new setup. On this site, I wanted to share what I’ve learnt with people, and hopefully the knowledge I’ve gained through my experience can help you to start working out from home too.

My aim is to help you get the level of fitness you want, by creating your ideal home gym setup.

Exercise is an important part of my lifestyle. For me, being fit is all about how it makes me feel, not how I look. I’m a 31-year-old guy from London who, like most people, lives a busy life in which getting fit is one of many priorities. Working out from home allows me the time to enjoy doing other things in my life, like watching the football, seeing friends, going for hikes and playing the drums.

Why You Should Read Our Guides

Am I an Insta-famous fitness model? No. However, I carry out very thorough research when having to make reliable decisions, especially when it concerns my money and my health. I think this critical mindset comes from being a Physics graduate and trained Data Scientist (I know, I’m a geek). When looking at gym equipment, there’s always a fine balance of cost and quality when choosing what to buy, and any recommendations I make here are always based on my own research or experience. There’s a lot of choice and information out there, and I always do my best to simplify the things on offer to help you choose what’s best for you. Of course, fitness only happens when you put the hard work in yourself, but what I hope is that the advice given here will help you to start working towards your goals.

I hope you find what I have to share useful, and if you ever have any questions please do get in touch!

Max S.

Editor & Founder, Join Your Gym